Reduce No Shows, Increase Case Acceptance & Double Your Production
Start Providing "Virtual Consultation" In Your Practice Today!
CDC recommends virtual visits to help patients avoid exposure to contagious diseases
HIPAA Compliant
Provide virtual consultations to your patients while making sure the patient's privacy is protected by complying with HIPAA standards and requirements.
Patient Convenience
Patients can get the care they need at the comfort of their home. They don't need to wait, travel and take off from their work. Start providing more convenience to patients. 
Increase Your Access
More and more number of patients are looking for virtual care. Make sure you increase your access by incorporating virtual consultations in your practice from today. 
Reduce No Shows
Virtual consultations help you not only provide the care to the comfort of your patients. It also establishes a relationship between you and your patients so you can reduce no shows.
Meet Patients At Their Comfort
Install virtual consultations in your practice and reach more patients
Increase Reputation
Increase your practice reputation by providing more convenient ways to reach out to you. Patients would love to connect with providers that are more convenient. 
The first step to virtual consultation success is to let your patients know that you provide virtual consults. More patients know about it, the more consultations you get to do. 
Offer Care
Virtual consultations platforms provide you an opportunity to offer care to more number of patients. This not only increases your patient numbers, but also increases your goodwill.  
Grow Your Practice
By connecting with more number of patients, you have the opportunity to grow your practice and increase your production, revenue and profits while doing less and enjoy time freedom. 
Let's Install Virtual Consultations In Your Practice
Follow the steps below to schedule a demo call
Step 1: Request A Demo
Click on the "Request a demo" button below and provide a little information about your practice. Then, choose a convenient time for a quick 15 min demo call. 
Step 2: The Demo Call
Once we've received your information, we'll go through the same, get on a call with you and provide you a quick 15 min demo so you can learn how to incorporate virtual consultations in your practice.
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